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BoxFleet is Canada based transportation and Logistics Company that deals with a wide range of services from air, land, and sea freight to warehousing, custom insurance to brokerage; we serve you with unlimited solutions that are customized according to your need in a cost-effective way.

Having over 5 years of experience, we are a leading company that tailors your needs to significantly lower prices in the industry, providing our customers with tremendous benefits and value-added services. With the latest technology, professional team, and good long-term relationship, we cater to you with faster, safer, hassle-free, and more reliable shipping services so you can grow your business efficiently and choose us as your first choice.

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Move your goods with a knowledgeable shipping partner!


We serve our clients with the best of the best services with a wide range of benefits so you enjoy our service at its full

Best Logistics

We offer the world’s best logistic services that are fast and reliable.

Cargo security

We guarantee 100% safe and secure cargo handling

24-Hour Support

Our customers get 24-hour support from our responsive customer care service

On-Time Delivery

Keeping our promise, you get on-time shipments delivery with us

Any Payment Method

We accept all payment methods for our services

Cargo Tracking

You can use an online tracking system for cargo tracking using a tracking form and ID