1. How to calculate the loading time in different cities?Loading times differ in different cities. Loading time can be calculated by determining the shipping point, the route, and the loading group of the material.
  2. How does the delivery to the warehouse occur if there is no seaport in the city?There are several alternatives to deliver the goods to the warehouse if there is no seaport in the city. The company plans beforehand on such issues and arranges trucks and other shipping vehicles to transfer goods to the warehouse.
  3. Can you guarantee the exact delivery date?Upon your order, we provide you with the approximate time (in days) of delivery for your goods. The exact delivery date is difficult to guarantee as sometimes, due to bad weather conditions, custom inspection, etc. the delivery can be delayed.
  4. How are sea shipping costs calculated?Calculation of shipping cost depends upon the type of container load, either FCL OR LCL, sea freight charges set by the company, and cost associated with handling, clearing goods on the ports. With the help of our customer care service, you can easily get an estimate of sea shipping or simply click the ‘Get a Quote’ option to get instant quotes.
  5. Is it possible to reissue documents for receipt while the goods are on the way?Yes, it is possible to reissue documents for a receipt while your goods are on the way. Our company makes the documentation process easier for you and you can contact customer care in case you want detailed information.
  6. Should we purchase additional insurance?No, additional insurance is not needed as BoxFleet offers its clients cargo insurance for a well-reputed insurance company and takes responsibility for the damage and losses during the shipping process. But you can purchase additional insurance if you want